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Natures Meditation

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Haiku How-To! A historical look at the early masters who created this wonderful style of Haiku from Zen and Shinto traditions of mindfulness in nature.
This book is full of information and will please those interested in poetry as well as history.
Ichi-go ichi-e, one time one meeting as the subject of the poem is observed. Haiku, a form of micropoetry, does not require any special technique or equipment like most art. The simple tools of pen and paper enable anyone anywhere to be a poet. Haiku is three short little lines in a micropoem that speaks volumes about how we think when viewing nature. We connect our true feelings of things in nature with a hint of the season and how we perceive it. Once touched by the words in the haiku poem our feelings flow in free association. Haiku is seeing beauty in nature and then expressing it in the written word describing how we feel about it. Lear about various haiku styles and try writing your own new haiku to lift your spirit.

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