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F. Della Notte
I'm Going to Kill that Cat!

The Housekeeper Mystery Series Book 1

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Welcome to St. Francis de Sales, an old parish tucked away in a corner of  Austin, Texas where 21st century, amateur sleuths Father Melvyn Kronkey, his trusted, but audacious housekeeper, Mrs. B. and LaLa, the cat are about to become ensnared in crime.

It is LaLa that ignites a simmering feud between two old women into much more than murder, but it’s Father Melvyn’s and Mrs. B.’s penchant for finding trouble that pits them against a determined evil. In this calamity, they are pulled into a quagmire of greed, wrath, envy and revenge. They find themselves trying to protect the innocent and the reputation of their church.   

The story opens on Fat Tuesday. Father Melvyn’s thoughts are focused on preparing for the start of Lent. He had no sense of the dark forces waiting to invade his parish. The mayhem unleashed on St. Francis de Sales, compels Father Melvyn and Mrs. B. to confront a question of the ages: why people do what they do to each other, as well as realizing new truths, good and bad, about themselves.

This book will delight mystery and cat fans as they sort through the puzzle of “whodunit.” An engaging read with twists and turns and real life, lovable and not-so-lovable characters whose personality traits readers will recognize.

American Cozy Mystery author: F. Della Notte
F. Della Notte

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