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Amazon Bestselling Author:
Eris Field

No Greater Love
Home is where love lives.
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This contemporary, warm, international romance moves from the U.S. to Holland, Turkey, and the Valley of Rubies.

Janan, orphaned at age eight by an earthquake in Eastern Turkey and adopted by an older American couple, has grown into a beautiful woman, a Circassian beauty, who dreams of having a home of her own, a home with love. Instead, she spends her life caring for others. Love seems to have passed her by.

Struggling with leukemia, Dutch child psychiatrist, Pieter, who was jilted once, has given up on love. He devotes himself to helping child refugees. That is until he meets Janan and falls in love at first skirmish.  

Janan, recognizing Pieter as the man of her dreams and knowing that he will be gone in the morning, asks him for one night. After introducing Janan to the purpose and outcome of each of eight magical kisses, Pieter vows to overcome his illness and return.

Faced with saving herself and others, Janan accepts a quid-pro-quo offer of help but will that decision destroy her chance of finding happiness? Book tags: Eris Field, No Greater Love, fiction romance romantic adventure novel international contemporary Turkish love story family love child refugees Circassian beauty Holocaust restitution happiness
Story Locations: Holland, Turkey, Valley of Rubies.
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